Rio De Janeiro - Olympics 2016

Location of the Week: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What other destination could we chose, other than the hosts of 2016 Olympics.

The games will be held in four zones: Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracanã.

Beyond the Olympics Rio de Janeiro is a huge seaside city and it’s most famous beaches are copacabana and Ipanema beaches. Plus a must see is both Cristo Redentor translated as ‘Christ the Redeemer’: Iconic Christ statue and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Something else most people think of when they think of Rio is Carnivals and the flamboyant outfits and floats. A must see! The main carnival is held in Rio every year before lent and is considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day. The next event is in February 24 to March 1 2017.


Location of the Week: Mendenhall Ice Caves Of Juneau, Alaska

Wow! I am literally lost for words when I look at this image.

This is a true wonder of the world: mystical, magical, majestic, I could go on….

The ice caves are under the Medenhall Glacier in the southeast area of Alaska. It is possible to hike through the Ice Caves. Admittedly, I do not know how safe I would feel walking through these caves but the experience must be incredible yet surreal.

The sad fact is that this glacier continues to retreat given the increase in yearly temperatures. The Glaciers are affected by climate change because they are a created by the climate.

If you want to learn more about these ice caves and see some incredible images, there is a blog which shows the entire hike to the cave: derek low




#badtranslation: The best translation mistakes from June

Another month, another translation mistake. Lets take a look back at some of the funniest translation mistakes to be featured on our Facebook page in June…

Today is not available, it is currently under construction

Today is under constuction

Watch out for the grass

Pitiful grass

Come back from where…?

From this come back...

I think we will give the chicken a miss tonight…

Half old chicken

Have you spotted any other #badtranslation? Share them in the comment section below.

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Share translations online

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We all want to understand and to be understood without the boundaries of language, which is why so many people are using every day. To make it even easier to communicate in other languages, we’ve introduced two new features this month to enable you to share your translations wherever and whenever.

1. Quick and Easy Copy/Paste

We’ve received many messages about this feature on our user forums (we do listen, so make sure to write!) to : “Make Copy/Paste easy”. So we did.

Here’s how it works:

Copy and paste translations on

Don’t forget, you can also paste the text by pressing the Ctrl+V keys on your keyboard after clicking on the “Copy to clipboard” icon.

2. Social Sharing

Many translations end up somewhere else, so we wanted to make it easier for visitors to share translations, wherever that may be. You can seamlessly share translations on Twitter or Email, but it’s best to use the quick copy feature for Facebook and Google+ shares where your translation will not carry over automatically.

Here are a couple of examples.


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Finally, the ‘Tools’ page also got a makeover to make it easier for anyone to download our mobile apps or use our Microsoft Add-In. Check it out here: FreeTranslation Tools.

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Tianzi Mountains

Location of the Week: Tianzi Mountain, China

Step into the world of Avatar. Tianzi Mountain boosts staggering limestone pinnacles often covered in a mystical mist which inspired the floating mountains seen in the film Avatar. In fact one of the pillars has been officially renamed ‘Avatar Hallelujah Mountain’ in honor of the film.

The Tianzi Mountain is located in the Hunan Province of China. ‘Tianzi’ means ‘son of Heaven’

Visitors can take a cable car to Huangshi village and they can then explore the breathtaking views of Tianzi via the many trails.