#badtranslation: The best translation mistakes from April

In our latest blog post, we are looking back at some of the funniest translation mistakes to be featured on our Facebook page in April. It just goes to show, if you are going to do translation, make sure you get it right.

If you are going to fall into the water, make sure you do it carefully…


#badtranslation - Fall into water carefully


The place where dreams are made…


#badtranslation - Toilet: one place, one dream


Right or left? Which lane is the RIGHT lane…?


#badtranslation - Must right left


Make sure your speaking cellphone isn’t talking during a thunderstorm…


#badtranslation - Speaking cellphone is strictly prohibited in thunderstorms

When it comes to translation, the moral of this story is not to look for a cheap alternative. If you are looking for a professional translation, try our ‘Instant Free Quote‘ tool.

Have you spotted any other #badtranslation? Share them in the comment section below. Happy translating!


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