Chat in any language, wherever you are in the world with SDL Translate

Chat in any Language with SDL Translate Chat

In a previous post we looked at the reasons people use translation apps. The need to communicate with friends and loved ones is at the top of that list. Human connection runs much deeper than what technology is able to offer, but smartphones and the internet have enabled us to bridge the gap by keeping us connected anytime, anywhere. But, there is one thing we can’t take for granted just yet; real-time multilingual communication. Until now.

We’ve just released a new feature on It’s located at the bottom-right of the page, and all you need to do is sign up, invite a friend, and get chatting. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to using the real-time chat translation widget.

1. Create an SDL Account – With an SDL Account you’ll join a growing community of people who use SDL’s machine translation technology to communicate, learn languages, or grow their business (via API integration). Only SDL Account holders can take advantage of chat, email translations, and the upcoming members-only features in the iOS and Android apps.

SDL Account


2.  Complete Sign Up form –  Enter a valid email address and your new password twice for confirmation. Use a secure password, at least 8 characters in length. Make sure to check the Terms and Conditions box.

Sign Up


3. Log in to chat using your new account credentials – This is just like any other web service you use. Your email address will be automatically entered after signing up the first time, all you need to do is add your password and you’re in!

Log in the SDL Account
4. Add a friend – You probably know somebody who speaks another language. Just click “Add Friend” and type in their email address.

Add a friend to SDL Translate

Their email address will now show up as a pending contact. Once your friend is online, you’ll see them in your contact list, with a green chat bubble next to their email address.

Contact Online


5. Choose a language  – The language is set to English by default. If you select another language, you will receive all chat messages in the respective language as long as your friend has selected a supported language. For example, if your friend has selected English, you can use any language on the list to receive messages in that language.  You will also have to type your messages in your selected language in order for your friend to get your message translated into English.

Choose a language in SDL Translate


6. Chat – Select your friend from the contact list to bring up the chat window. If your friend has selected Spanish and writes to you in Spanish, you will receive the message in English. That’s it, have fun!

Chat using SDL Translate


One last note. This app is in beta mode – that means it’s not a finished product. We will be making changes over the next few weeks in order to improve usability. We’d love to hear your feedback in the meantime, just leave a comment here or send a message via our support portal.


We added a couple of little tweaks that will improve your experience on the chat translation widget. Details below the image.

Changes to SDL Translate Chat


1. Hover over messages to view original translation – Any time you receive a message, just move your mouse over that message to see what it looks like in its original language.

2. Your friend’s selected language is permanently displayed in the header of your conversation window, just under your friend’s email address.


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