How Halloween is celebrated around the world

How Halloween is celebrated around the world

Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year once again to put on the scariest outfit you can find. Nowadays in the UK, Halloween is often celebrated by trick or treating but across the globe it’s not all about candy and costumes. Let’s take a closer look at how Halloween is celebrated in different countries:

Spain and Latin America

In these countries, All Souls Day is celebrated. All Souls Day last for 3 days beginning on 31 October, building up to the grand celebration on 2 November. These celebrations are held to honor the dead, where it is believed that during this time they will return to their homes on Earth. Their homes include the dead’s favorite items, which could be anything from photographs to their favorite foods.


In Mexico, Day of the Dead lasts for 3 days beginning on 31 October and coincides with the All Souls Day celebration in Spain and Latin America. Families and friends pray for and remember the ones they have lost during this time and look to continue to support them through their spiritual journey.


On Halloween, candles are lit to pay respects to the memory of their dead relatives.


Halloween, or ‘Teng Chieg’ as it is known in China, is celebrated with bonfires lit to light the paths of spirits of the dead as they return to Earth. Water and food are also placed in front of deceased family members photos.


On All Hallows Eve, people will hide knives and sharp objects in draws to protect themselves and the spirits from any harm.

Hong Kong

Halloween is known as ‘Yue Lan’ in Hong Kong, with its translation meaning ‘Festival of the Hungry Ghosts.’

We hope you have a great Halloween, wherever you are in the world and however you are celebrating.

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