Location of the week: Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve is the largest marshland in the San Francisco Bay encompassing 1,940 acres in the Palo Alto and East Palo Alto area. It is home to various species of migratory birds and as such it is considered as one of the best bird-watching locations on the West Coast. Birdwatchers from around the world are brought together during wintertime to observe birds migrating on the Pacific route; since the site serves as their stopover. Numerous other species of plants and animals inhabit the preserve which makes it the perfect location for the naturalists.

The Baylands Nature Preserve trails are great for cycling, walking and running; and the site offers windsurfing and boating facilities. The city of Palo Alto also offers many activities such as nature, ecology and history walks, horseback riding and fishing.

Are you attending #SDLConnect16? Then why not make some time and have a walk around this beautiful preserve.

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