If the secret to love is communication…

… can the same be said for sales and marketing?

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked for the secret to a happy relationship, I would have enough money to treat my wife to a meal deal this Valentine’s Day. Ok, so I’m not much of a love guru, but with the romantic day just around the corner I still thought I’d share my top tip with a few more people, if not just to improve her chances of a romantic candle lit dinner for two.

Communication is key to a long and successful relationship. During my 6 years of marriage, if I’ve learned one thing (and my wife can confirm that I have) it’s that you’ve got to speak and understand your partner’s language. Whether that’s spoken, written, or body language, all forms of communication can help you express positive and negative ideas and feelings in an open, honest and direct way that your partner will not only understand, but will also respect, helping you stay out of trouble and in your partner’s good books for as long as possible.

The same could also be said for marketing communications.

Where most “sales and marketing gurus” usually trip up is not taking the time to understand their customers’ language; talking to them as if they were just any customer without understanding their needs and what makes them special. This approach could get you into a lot of trouble, especially when there is a language barrier. But luckily for you, SDL Managed Translation is here with its 15,000-plus in-country translation gurus that will help you express your message in an open, honest and direct way, to ensure you always stay in your customer’s good books.

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